Our 4th video in the 4-part Mental Health and Substance Use educational series is now published.

Part 4 focuses on all the good work being done in Forest County related to substance abuse prevention and building resiliency.

This video features Mary Thornton, a Recovery Advocate with Marshfield Clinic AmeriCorps and Kim Soldier, the chair of the Community Coalition of Forest County. Mary and Kim share examples of the efforts and activities that the CCFC has partnered to provide in Forest County.

One thought on “Prevention and Recovery: The Community Coalition of Forest County’s Prevention Efforts – (Part 4 of an Educational Video Series)

  1. I have a friend that quit drinking but on occasion needs to vent, has anxiety & depression & could use someone to talk to over the phone & would like to receive mental support & words of encouragement but does not want to go into rehab, go to AA meetings or go online, he just needs phone support now & then. Would you be able to provide a number to call/recovery coach for him in this situation?

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