Who We are

The Community Coalition of Forest County is a uniform unincorporated non-profit association organized to collectively utilize resources to address issues of concern in the multiple jurisdictions of Forest County.  Collectively the schools of Crandon, Laona, Wabeno area and the communities of Sokaogon Chippewa, Potawatomi, the County of Forest and the agencies and non-profit organizations within these jurisdictions come together once a month to work on multi-jurisdictional issues.  The purpose of this effort is to work together to find solutions to issues such as poverty, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, truancy, racial bias, health and human services.

Because Forest County includes three school districts and two federally recognized tribal communities it is important to be proactive in multi-jurisdictional cooperative efforts.

Through political and agency efforts, the CCFC has facilitated board resolutions, collaborative efforts and public awareness on a number of issues including multi-cultural sensitivity, bullying, truancy, health and nutrition and prescription drug returns.